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Did you recently finish a 200-hour yoga training program and feel unprepared to teach yoga? Or have you been teaching yoga for a while, and wondering: how do I keep learning and also keep my students engaged? Or perhaps you’ve started to see that yoga is more than just a bunch of shapes or exercise, and you’re looking for spiritual guidance.

Or maybe, like all of us in this unprecedented time and in this pandemic, you’re wondering what it means to be a real teacher of yoga when the whole world seems to be at a standstill.

That’s why I’m now offering virtual mentoring for yoga teachers. I’ve been practicing yoga for 20+ years, and teaching yoga for over 7 years. I also have been coaching individuals and groups for as long as I’ve been teaching. I've realized now, more than ever, what the yoga community needs is not more cookie-cutter training, but more one-on-one connection and guidance. 

For me, teaching yoga is more than a certificate. It’s a calling. It’s something that I enjoy doing every single day, and something that keeps evolving each day as I continue studying, practicing, and learning. All with joy in my heart.  

Teaching yoga can be more than what you learned in your training program. It can be more than just showing up and giving instructions. But you have to give yourself over to it in a way that allows the teaching to flow through you. And you have to be open to all that yoga is and can be, despite the many obstacles you may encounter. 

What I've learned as a teacher of yoga is too much to distill here, but it's also nothing in comparison to what I have un-learned in my spiritual journey with my master, Mooji. 

If any of what I’ve written appeals to you, then perhaps we're a good fit for one another.  

Contact Megan to request an application form. Once I review your application, we can set up a schedule to work virtually together, at a time that works for both of us.

Cost for a Single, 1-Hour Mentoring Session: $125.

Cost for a 6-Month Mentoring Program: $995 (must be paid in full). What you'll receive: ​

  • Six (6) 1-hour Mentoring Sessions (1 per month for 6 months) 

  • Six (6) 1-hour Private Yoga Lessons (1 per month for 6 months) 

  • Recommended reading, handouts and between-session text support

  • The one-on-one support you've been seeking as both a student and a teacher of yoga

***Check back for updates on Group Mentoring Programs. 

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