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7-Day Meditation Course
Let's gather together for 7 days of meditation. Each day, we will explore a different method of meditation, whether through breath, sound, chanting, and other techniques, to help you rest in your own natural state of Being. All you need is about 20 minutes each day for 7 days to sit, to listen, and to enjoy your Self. 


Cost: $21

Ashtanga Foundations: Virtual Course 

This course is an online dive into the Foundations of Ashtanga Yoga. This course includes:

  • Access to a Foundations Library, which has all the content a beginner to Ashtanga Yoga would need to get started on his or her own Ashtanga practice. (4+ hours of content!).

  • 13 videos total, including 5 guided practices. 

  • You'll have access to all of these lessons and videos for 3 months while you establish your practice.

Cost: $75

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